Our Story 

The Nordic Collection is the brainchild of Sarah McAlister who has a passion for creativity and everything Scandinavian. Sarah was born and raised in Denmark and grew up surrounded by beautiful nature, clean air, and simple, understated design.

 She was inspired to create The Nordic Collection out of love for her Scandinavian heritage, wanting to share the magic of the North with her friends here in beautiful South Africa.

 In 2018, Sarah began her journey and started introducing her gnomes to South Africans.

Gnomes have been part of Nordic Folklore for centuries. Folklore explains how Gnomes were known for looking after people’s homes and animals if cared for. All that the Gnomes expected in return was a bowl of porridge at Christmas time. When people were not good to them they were known for playing tricks on people. And so the story goes…

Gnomes are a special addition to any home, decor, or season, and make wonderful gifts to give. The new range featured on her website reflects the fun, whimsical nature inherent in gnomes. Even though these gnomes are traditional, they are simply adorable in a modern way and have a special way of always making people smile.

Wanting to share more of her heritage, Sarah now incorporates art and home décor into her new range.  The sleek, simple lines of Scandinavian design are reflected in her new range of home décor and will not only add style to your home but it will showcase the minimalism, simplicity and functionality of each piece. 

Sarah believes that there is an artist in each of us and her DIY art packs will allow children and adults to practice and enhance their talents whilst having fun with friends and family. There is a Picasso in all of us so why not try one of her paint-by-number kits and set your inner artist free.

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